Want to be a vendor, stalls are on first come and first served basis

We are excited to bring this year's Mexfestival edition to you with a lot of improvements based on very valuable feedback from past years

Some of you already have been in touch with us and can't wait to be part of the festival, we really appreciate all of your support. We have been working for last few months to cut costs down, arrange bigger venue and partnering with different marketing channels
We received valuable feedback from stalls as everyone wanted to be inside the venue, so this year's the event will be in Pavilion 3 of ASB Showgrounds to accommodate everyone inside. Additionally, we received plenty of attendee feedback to have a two day event and better timings especially for families and better food prices. So this year's event details are as below:
Date: Saturday, Sunday 9th & 10th of November 2019
Event Timing for Saturday: from 12 pm to 8 pm
Event Timing for Saturday: from 10 am to 5 pm  
We have not only cut down entrance fee considerably but also have tried to assist stall holders by cutting initial cost as much as possible for both days and offering % of sales option too.
If you want to be part of it, send us an email at, so we can organise and make necessary arrangements accordingly asap. Based on the feedback we want all food stalls to keep single meal price to $15 max. The stall prices are discounted till 28th of June, they are expected to increase after the date and based on space availability 
In case of any query, please don't hesitate to in touch at