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We have great entrepreneurial stories that started on Mexfestival 2016 (first festival in New Zealand), if you want to be part of it, send us an email to



Las Masitas 

“A pair of returned travellers continuing our love of Mexican Street Food by opening a Tamale stand, Hello! We are Georgia and Toni, and we make plant-based Mexican street food with a kiwi twist. We aim to share the joy of tamales with the good people of New Zealand. To begin to show our gratitude to those who inspired us, 2% of all profits goes to Pro Mujer, who are helping women in Latin America thrive.”


Mama Yoya’s 

“Mama Yoya's is a Real Mexican Cuisine, with the unique flavours of home made Mexican food, tasty and delicioso“


Nanita’s Tamales 

“The best Tamales In NZ aren't found in a big Mexican restaurant, instead you can find them in the kitchen of Silvia who make something deliciously unique “