Authentic Dining Experience

Buy your ticket to have an awesome food experience and enjoy authentic Mexican food, prepared by a Mexican with artisan made ingredients. Below menu will be served by Stall Las Brujas

Menu - Las Brujas


Tamal filled with feta cheese and wrapped in a silverbeet/chart leave, over green tomatillo sauce, serve with sour cream (V, GF)


    Enmoladas, slightly fried tortillas, filled up with fried beans covered with "mole" sauce garnished with toasted sesame seeds, served with Mexican rice (V)
        Free range chicken leg quarters: covered with (mole sauce garnished with toasted sesame seeds served with Mexican rice) (GF)
            Barbacoa Tacos: Lamb served on home made tortillas, garnish, coriander, red onion pickles, chipotle sauce and lime (GF) 

            * Mole ingredients: pasilla and ancho chilli pepers, almonds, dark chocolate, sinnamon, peanuts, raisings, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, fried tortilla, onion, garlic, who cloves and whole allspice berries) (GF)

            * Mole is imported from Mexico made from Michoacan's artisans.

            * Mexican rice is cooked on tomato and onion sauce with corn kernels, peas and carrots


              Flan: Soft and creamy delicious pudding served with dulce de leche (caramel) (GF)
                * If you have bought 3 course meal in advance please come to the stall, there might be a bit of wait time while you enjoy the rest of the event