The path of Shavasana Yoga in the Day of the Dead

“I die because I am”
-Xavier Villarritia (Mexican poet)


According to the ancient Mexican traditions, death is not the end, it is a phase of an infinite cycle; In the Indian philosophy, death is an opportunity to the ultimate transformation.


Shavasana comes from the Sanskrit words Shava meaning “corpse” and Asana “posture”; With a gentle Yoga practice we would arrive in to Shavasana, no as the end, rather than a destination an appreciation; deepen into the peaceful stillness of the body and mind.

During the Yoga practice we are going to walk the waving patter of life, form born to old, from light to dark; experiencing cycles of movements and pauses, and exploring the saddle sensations of the body and the gross feelings of the mind, the berthing is going to be our guide throughout this journey, which will not conclude, because it is an opportunity to transform.

Bring your own yoga mat if you neet it, but we believe this activity is mat free.

This workshop will be composed of two activities as below:


11:00am “Skull face painting session” -Paint a skull on another’s person face
11:30am “The path of Shavasana” – Yoga in the day of the dead.


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